Dress Code / Uniforms

  • Students must be dressed in the school uniform whenever they are in the school premises. 
  • When they represent the school in any inter-school event or activity even if it is conducted during holidays or vacations.
  • When they accompany their parents during parent teacher meetings (PTM)
  • When they come to school for any specific reason or purpose even if it is during their study holidays.
  • Students studying in Class XII need to come in school uniform even after the graduation ceremony. They need to come in school uniform to collect their hall tickets or meet the teachers to clarify doubts in academics.
  • Students have to wear the prescribed uniform of the school more specifically the shoes and socks.
  • Students should wear clean and ironed dress, polished shoes and socks every day.
  • Girls must wear studs or small earrings.
  • Girls who have very short hair are allowed to wear their hair loose.
  • Other girls with longer hair must wear a single plait everyday to school. 


Boy Students are not permitted to:

  • Wear caps and fancy headgear in the school.
  • Have streaked hair, long hair, visible side burns or fancy hairstyles.
  • Wear bracelets/chains/ friendship bands or other colorful bands.

Girl Students are not allowed to

  • Streak hair or any fancy hairstyles; leave shoulder length or long hair untied or unkempt.
  • Heavy eye liners and other face make-up
  • Wear gold earrings, bangles, chains, colorful or fancy jewellery, long danglers etc
  • Adorn their hair with flowers or colorful clips.
  • No painted nails.