Rules & Regulations

At NIPS we believe that school is not just a place for teaching and learning but also where students have the right to feel safe, secure and supported.To provide conducive and learning environment we ensure that students and others nurture respect among all members of the school community.Our school code of conduct is based on the conviction that there are values necessary for the well being of both the individual and society and that we are all answerable for the choices we make. The school rules encourage students to recognize and respect variance and individual differences. In the process, we want students to develop self- discipline, which is considered as a core necessity for personal growth and development.


Student’s responsibilities towards school- In the Class

  • Students should be habitual in regularly submitting school work.
  • Students should judiciously reach their respective classes on time.
  • While moving from classes, students must maintain corridor discipline.
  • Students should necessarily seek the permission of the teacher to leave class early.
  • Students are not allowed to play in the classrooms.

Boy Students are not permitted to:

  • Wear caps and fancy headgear in the school.
  • Have streaked hair, long hair, visible side burns or fancy hairstyles.
  • Wear bracelets/chains/ friendship bands or other colorful bands.


Students will not be permitted to leave school early unless there is a very important reason. If a student needs to leave early, parents should send a note to the teacher in the diary explaining the reason why he/she needs to leave early and what time he/she needs to leave. The student will then be called to the office to leave. Parents should ensure to schedule doctor and dentist appointments outside school hours. If a parent sends somebody else to pick up the student, the student will not be sent home if an authorization letter is not sent along with the concerned person.

Leave Of Absence from School

  • The school does not permit students to go on vacation during school hours.
  • Parents need to plan their vacation only during school breaks and vacation and not otherwise.
  • Attending marriages and other social functions while the school is in session needs to be kept to the minimum and prior permission should be sought to avail leave.
  • If a child has remained absent for a long duration, the leave record in the diary should be filled and should have the parent’s signature when he or she returns to school and also the child should ensure that the class teachers signature is on it.
  • If a child has a medical condition and has not reported to school for more than a week, a medical certificate from a reputed doctor or hospital must be attached along with the leave letter.

Student’s responsibilities towards school – General

  • To maintain peace, discipline, order and harmony in school
  • To safeguard and preserve the school property and also remain responsible for them.
  • To respect elders, teachers, classmates and friends.
  • To treat the helpers, drivers and maids of the school with respect.
  • To maintain an ecologically ‘green’ school campus.
  • To attend, maintain and respect the dignity and sanctity of the school assembly.
  • To maintain regularity and punctuality in academic and non- academic activities.
  • To follow the general instructions given in the school by teachers and council members.
  • To uphold the dignity of the school activities and programs by organizing, participating and helping.
  • Student needs to attend all activities organized by the school such as Literary Fest, Independence Day Celebration, Sports Day or any other activities as and when the event arises.

Girl Students are not allowed to

  • Streak hair or any fancy hairstyles; leave shoulder length or long hair untied or unkempt.
  • Heavy eye liners and other face make-up
  • Wear gold earrings, bangles, chains, colorful or fancy jewellery, long danglers etc
  • Adorn their hair with flowers or colorful clips.
  • Girls aren’t allowed to come to school with painted nails.


The staff and students of the school are happy to offer their best wishes to student on his\her birthday. However, since learning time at school is very important, no birthday parties will be allowed or encouraged in the school premises.. No birthday parties for teachers may be held during or after school hours. It is very important that no gifts are distributed on any pretext.

School’s Policy against Violence

We at NIPS emphasize on the importance of non-violence. Pushing, swearing, shoving, biting, hitting and kicking each other are unacceptable, even if done in jest and fun. Physical assault will be dealt with severe punishment either by suspension or dismissal based on the severity of the transgression. It is very important that parents discuss this policy with their child(ren). The school needs parental support in this endeavor to avoid any such happenings.


Students need to come to the front office, to make a phone call to contact their parents if they are sick and this can be done only with the concurrence of the class teacher. Students of any class are not allowed to carry mobile phones to school and the same will be confiscated by the school authorities if it is found in the student’s possession and shall be returned only with the parental consent and note.

Student’s responsibilities towards- Friends\Classmates

  • Students should help a friend\classmate in need – studies or otherwise.
  • Students should not resort to bullying on the bus or inside the school premises.
  • Students should use appropriate and acceptable language in school with friends and others.
  • Students should not meddle\steal the personal belongings of others.
  • Students should take care of juniors in the school and in the bus while commuting.
  • Students should help friends or classmates to follow the right direction if he or she wavers and guide them as per need or necessity.

School Timings

  • Students are expected to reach school by 07. 20 a.m. during summer and 08.00 hours during winter.
  • The school day ends at 13.30 hours in summer and 14.00 hours in winter.
  • Those using their personal means of transport must ensure that they reach school on time.
  • The time of leaving the premises depends on the extracurricular activities carried out by each student. Parents should get prior information from the students on these activities so as to avoid any unnecessary concern or anxiety regarding their delayed return from school.
  • Parents have to report to Security and get a visitor’s badge with signature in a register while entering the school.