Principal’s Message

Knowledge when combined with proper guidance almost always spells success. At the very nip proper guidance should be commenced, that is, in school days. Here comes the role of the teacher in molding a child's mind. Whenever we think of school, we think about our students since a school is a chalice for their dreams and the institution an arena to prepare for life. However we must not forget or overlook those responsible for igniting the spark- significantly the faculty We ensure that our enthusiastic teachers, who engage and nurture the pupils, teach the lessons with diligence and dedication. In this way we give our pupils a desire to learn more, take on fresh challenges and build their self-confidence with strength of mind and vision.

We need to build resilience and resistance within our pupils so that they can learn to overcome problems and adversities that are bound to confront them. We find that a planned focus on learning and how we do it significantly contributes to the well being of the children and their future. A teacher should make a child ready to face the society, inculcate moral habits and values in the child and thus, assist and groom in the all round development.

At NIPS we have a strong belief and conviction in preparing the child for life and not just for a living. So enrichment activities and constant and consistent planning happens to polish the ‘rough diamonds’ to shine with splendor and brilliance.Parents have been our constant support at every step and endeavor. It is their involvement and encouragement that we rely on for the unfolding of our children’s future dreams. We are highly indebted to our respected Director Mr. Bharat Yadav and administrator Mrs. Suman Yadav for their constant support and encouragement. Every child is special, and we at NIPS provide a congenial learning atmosphere for the child to grow and benefit. The secret in education lies in respecting the student.


Subhashini Ramakrishnan