Our Committees

POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offence) Act 2012

The following teachers are part of the POCSO (protection of Children from Sexual Offence) Act 2012.

Renu Bajpai                                          9818224152

Pooja Mahapatra                                  9643535226

Ajeet Yadav                                          9811941533

Rohit Sharma                                       9871977009

Parent-Teacher-Student Committee

The following teacher\parent\student are part of the committee to address the safety and needs of the students and to take regular feedback from parents in this regard.

Aruna Raghuyal                                  9899667206

Surbhi Sharma                                    7042913574

Ruchi Sharma                                     9540649633

Pooja Raina                                        9990246267   

Khushi Mishra Student(XI B)              9560029220

Public /Staff/Parent/Student Grievance Committee

The following staff is part of the Redressal of grievance committee.

Udai Kant  Jha                                    8826231957

Daya Ram Yadav                                9560353599

Shivangi Agarwal                                9811078683

Binu Langer                                        9891915908

School Transport Team

The following teachers\staff will be part of the transport Department of  Noida International Public School.

The following staff will ensure the smooth running of the transport system and ensuring that there are no deterrent to the day to day working of the school transport management.

Mr. Mohit Phanya                                9990864086