class 7


Senior Secondary (Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi)


Holiday Homework (2018-19)

Class – VII



(i)      Make a colourful dictionary of atleast three words each from every alphabet.

(ii)     Learn and practice chapters of FAI.

(iii)    Make a colourful and read worthy notice on A-4 size sheet.

(iv)    Search for 3 cross words in the newspaper and paste them and complete them on

your notebooks.

(v)     Paste a story from English news  paper, ‘Speaking Tree’ and summaries it in your

own words.




Revise Chapter – 1, 2 & 3 from both the books.

Also learn and write tables from 2 to 20.





(i)      Learn Lesson – 1, 2, 3 and write them.

(ii)     Draw diagrams and practice them.

(iii)    Using A-3 sheet draw a digestive system.


(Social Science)


History         :      Learn and Write Lesson – 1.

Geography   :      Learn and write Lesson – 1 and Lesson – 2.

Civics           :      Learn and write Lesson – 1.

Activity       :

Make a model of  Interior structure of the Earth.


(General Knowledge)


Learn and write section A, Chapter – 1 to 5.




Using the quilling technique make a bukay shape. (Page No. 57)




Learn Lesson – 1 and 2.

(i)      Do all (Hots question) of Chapter – 1 to 4 in your holiday home work copy.

(ii)     Activity :

(a)      Do atleast 20 shortcuts keywords of  MS-Excel on A-3 sheet.

(b)     Do activity on Page – 10 on a A-4 sheet.