class 5


Senior Secondary (Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi)


Holiday Homework (2018-19)

Class – V




Learn & Write Chapter – 1 to 4 with exercises.

(i)      Write a short paragraph on A-4 sheet about what you dream to be when you

grow up you can use different  pictures to make it decorative.

(ii)     Make a chart on sentences with the help of decorative material. Give the examples

of each.

(iii)    Write 10 collective nouns on A-4 sheet.

(iv)    Do Page No. 3 to 26 in cursive writing book.




(i)      Practice of chapter – 2 to 4 and 16 for upcoming exams.

(ii)     Do Page No. 25, 43, 44, 152 and periodic Test-1 Chapter – 1 in your

Holiday homework copy.

(iii)    Do worksheet of page 44, 152 on a A-4 sheet.

(iv)    Write and learn table 2 to 20.





Learn and write Lesson-1 to Lesson-3.

Do question / answer in holiday home note book.

Do Activity :

(i)      Paste the different types of seeds in your scrap book.

(ii)     Paste the pictures of animals have an interesting variety of respiratory and

locomotory organs (do in A-3 sheet).

(iii)    Paste the pictures of plants that grow by vegetative parts (Do in A-3 sheet)


(Social Science)


Learn and write Lesson-1 to Lesson-3 with all exercise in holiday note book and learn

Lesson-1 to 3 for FA-1

Activity work :

Make a model of globe and also show some other important lines of latitude

and longitude.


Make a model of Solar System and decorate it with decorated material.


(General Knowledge)


(i)      Learn and write page no. 5 to 19.

(ii)     Paste atleast 10 pictures duties towards our country to be a good citizen on

A-4 sheet.

(iii)    Do test paper-1 in your G.K. copy.

(iv)    Write the current Ministers of  29 states of India in your G.K. copy.

(v)     Paste some pictures and Benefits of medicinal plants on a A-4 sheet.




Still life.

Red Robin Hood and wolf in poster colours.

Finger painting.




Learn and write Chapter – 1 & 2.