Class 4


Senior Secondary (Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi)


Holiday Homework (2018-19)

Class – IV



Learn & Write Chapter – 1 – 3

(i)      Do one page hand writing daily in your holiday home work copy.

(ii)     Make a chart on types of sentences with the help of decorative material.

Give the examples of each. You can take help from internet.




Do all work in separate copy.

Chapter – 1

Chapter – 2           do five-five sum of all respective example.

Chapter – 3


Activity –

(i)      Write roman number in 1 to 200 on chart paper.

(ii)     Make a clock by thermacole and mention the time.

(iii)    Write and learn table of  2 to 20.





Learn L1 to L3.

Do question / answer in holiday home work copy.

Activity :

(i)      Collect and name different types of leaves and paste them in your scrapbook.

(ii)     Make a hanging collage in which you should include land, sea, amphibians

reptiles, tree, and aerial animals. Use paper, leaves clothes and other things for

making it.

(iii)    Collect the pictures of some extinct animals also gather some information

regarding them paste the pictures and write about them in A-3 sheet.


(Social Science)


Learn and write L-1 to L-3 question / answer in holiday home work note book.

Activity work :

(i)      Make a collage of tourist places which are situated in Northern mountains

in A-3 sheet.

(ii)     Paste the pictures of dance and festivals of these state in a scrap book.

(a) Punjab                       (b) Gujarat                      (c) Haryana

(d) Uttar Pradesh            (e) Assam


(General Knowledge)


(i)      Learn page no. 8 to 16.

(ii)     Draw a map of India on A-4 size sheet and labeled the states and capitals.

(iii)    Make a national flag by collage according to their colours.




(i)      Prepare a peacock from waste out of waste.

(ii)     Draw a picture on summer season.




(i)      Learn and write Chapter 1 and 2.

(ii)     Activity : (Do it on A-4 sheet)

  • Write atleast 20 shortcuts of Keyboard of MS-Word.
  • Make a poster on computer to show how technology has changed or merits and demerits of computer.