Class 3


Senior Secondary (Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi)


Holiday Homework (2018-19)

Class – III


Learn and write Chapter – 1 to 3

(i)      Do one page hand writing daily in holiday home work copy.

(ii)     Make a chart on common noun and proper noun with examples.

(iii)    Make a kite with colour decorative material.




(i)      Write and learn table 2 to 20.

(ii)     Chapter – 2 exercise – 2.1 and 2.2, ascending or descending order.

(iii)    Roman numerals exercise 3.1 do all these work in holiday home work copy.

(iv)    Activity :

Draw a chart of roman numerals and abacus.



(i)      Write and earn Lesson – 1 to Lesson – 3

(ii)     Paste picture of Cat, Hen, Fish on A-4 sheet and write about movement, eating

habit and what are they produce?

(iii)    Make a list of six living and six none living thing on A-4 sheet and also write

which things are natural and which are manmade in them.

(iv)    Take one leaf of each kind now paste them in A-4 sheet and label them.

(v)     Make a collage of a leaf with green glaze paper and paste on A-4 sheet.

(Social Science)


(i)      Learn and write Lesson – 1 to Lesson – 3 question / answer in holiday homework


(ii)     Activity :

Make a collage of different type of land and climate of India with their beautiful

picture on  A-3 sheet.

(iii)    Make a hanging chart of 29 states with capital and write their language, festival,

and place to visit.


(General Knowledge)


(i)      Write and learn from page 5 to 13 for FA, exam.

(ii)     Learn states capitals of India.

(iii)    Activity :

Paste pictures on A-4 sheet of raditional costumes of India and famous movements

of  India.




(i)      Prepare head cartoons.

(ii)     Prepare paper craft for wall decoration (Hanging)

(iii)    Draw a picture of summer vacation.

(iv)    Prepare duck through glase paper, cotton and fevicol.




(i)      Write and learn full character 1 and 2 including extra questions from copy.

(ii)     Activity : 1- Paste atleast 10 pictures of hardware software on A-4 sheet.

(iii)    Make a craft activity of keyboard or mouse.