Class 2


Senior Secondary (Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi)


Holiday Homework (2018-19)

Class – II





Learn and write Chapter – 1 to 3

(i)      Do page – 3 to 35 in cursive writing book.

(ii)     How do you feel when you do something good?

Write five lines on A-4 sheet use decorative material for decoration.

(iii)    Write 5 common nouns and 5 special names with examples on A-4 sheet.




(i)      Write ordinal number 1 to 30 on A-4 size sheet.

(ii)     Write counting 101 to 1000 in separate notebook.

(iii)    Do page no. 39 and 40 in note book.

(iv)    Make a abacus by waste materials and write the number by three digit on it.

(v)     Draw page No. 24 in A-4 size sheet.




(i)      Write and learn Lesson – 1 to Lesson – 3.

(ii)     Collect some leaves and flowers and paste them on A-4 size sheet.

(iii)    Make a tree paste things, that we get from plant.

(iv)    Paste the picture & domestic animals and wild animals with their name on

A-3 size sheet.




(Social Science)


(i)      Chapter – 1 to 3 learn and write all exercise.

(ii)     Paste the picture of body parts on A-4 size sheet.

(iii)    Make a family tree and paste the picture on scrap book.

(iv)    Paste the picture of 10 fruits and 10 vegetables on A-3 size sheet.


(General Knowledge)


(i)      About 25 current affairs news write in rough copy.

(ii)     Prepare a chart on healthy food and paste their picture.

(iii)    Write about the symbol of India in A-3 size sheet and paste their picture.

(iv)    Learn and write page no. 5 to 14.




(i)      Prepare house in sketch pen technique.

(ii)     Do thumb impression.

(iii)    Do lady’s finger impression.

(iv)    Prepare any hanging item for decoration.




(i)      Complete home work Lesson – 1 to 5 on a book.

(ii)     Learn and write chapter – 1, 2 and 3 for upcoming exams.

(iii)    Do worksheet 1, 2 and test paper – 1 in computer copy.

(iv)    Paste pictures of the parts of a computer on chart paper.


Note : Do holiday home work in a good handwriting.