class 12


Senior Secondary (Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi)


Holiday Homework (2018-19)

Class – XII


(i)      Complete the assignment – 1.

(ii)     Learn & write chapter – 1 & 2 from flamingo.

(iii)    Learn chapter – 1 from vistas.

(iv)    Practice – Tenses & letter writing.

(v)     Write summary of the Novel in fair notebook.


Chapter – 2, 3, 4, 5 full with examples (N.C.E.R.T.) on holidays homework


(Political Science)

Learn & write Chapter – 1 and 2 from both books.

Do picture based questions from chapter – 1 to 5 from both books in your political

science book.

(Business Studies)

Lesson – 4, 5, 6, 7 learn and write.

Lesson – 8 read and write hand written notes.



(i)      State Gauss’s law in electrostatics. Hence derive an expressions for electric

intensity due to

(a)      Linear charged conductor

(b)     Uniformly charged plane

(c)      Charged spherical shell (electric intensity inside and outside). Also plot

graph showing venation of electric intensity E versus distance r from the

charge in each case.

(ii)     Write relation between electric intensity and potential difference.

(iii)    Describe the behavior of polar & non polar dielectrics in absence and presence

of an external electric field. Hence define polarization. On which factors

polarization P of a dielectric depends.

(iv)    Derive expression for electrostatic potential energy of capacitor. What is meant

by energy density of a charged capacitor.

(v)     Draw circuit diagram & hence derive expression for :

(a)      Comparing e. m. f. of two primary cells.

(b)     Internal resistance of a primary cell.



Do all NCERT Question of solid state, solutions, surface Chemistry, Chemical kinetics.



Do given Assignment of unit – 1 and learn it.



Chapter – 1 and two, learn and write for unit test – 1.

Make practical file (Case study)


(Physical Education)

(i)      Write five answer and their benefits with diagram in file.

(ii)     Write any one game of history new rules and terminology with diagram.



Lesson 1 to 13 (Micro Economics) learn and write.



(i)      Chapter 1 to 5 (all chapter) from book 3 from scanner (do all questions)

total questions around 100-125

(ii)     Accounts project – preparation and understand.

(iii)    Revision all chapter (1 – 5) for test (held in July)